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Brendon’s approach makes it simple to make money your friend. He gets to know you to hear understand your values, help you identify your goals, and develop strategies to help you be successful. Contact Brendon

Wealth Renovators, LLC is an independent fee-based financial planning and Registered Investment Advisory firm, licensed in Missouri and Kansas. Offices are located inside Edison Credit Union (on Front Street), in The Country Club Plaza and The Lighton Tower (Overland Park).

Strategic relationships to CPA’s, Estate Planning Attorneys and custodians like Charles Schwab mean you get TRUSTED, HOLISTIC and UNBIASED advice that meets your retirement-income and financial-planning needs.

Our proprietary planning process is “The Home Run Living Process”; clients following the process get customized, on-going and measurable “game-plans” that cover all their financial bases and lead lives filled with significance and greater peace of mind.

“The Home Run Living Process” was designed for a select group of people that are open to coaching and positively impacting the lives of those around them while reaching their financial goals. Brendon refers to this as “home run living”.   He believes “everybody wants to live a home run kind of life”.  The process COVERS ALL THE FINANCIAL BASES, is holistic, unbiased, and provides each client with a customized “game plan for living”.  There are many components to the process—each associated with Home base, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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